Student Work During Lockdown

Many of our students have being working really hard with learning at home. Here is a selection of some of their work.

My Face Mask  

Today I wore my face mask and I realised that my face mask is really important at this time of Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand.

If you go shopping during this lockdown I recommend that you wear a face mask. You may be wondering what is a face mask good for? While it is good for a few things like if you talk to someone [and you may not know this] tiny little droplets of germs come out your mouth, so if you wear a face mask it prevents germs from spreading.

I myself have a face mask and I use it when I go for walks during lockdown. I put on my face mask many different ways but here's one way you can put on your face mask. Apply the two strings on the side of the face mask on your ears and move your face mask up towards your chin and nose and position it where you think it would be best to put comfortably.
There are a lot of different reasons to wear a face mask. For one it keeps you safe from germs which is why you should buy one today and start wearing it.

By Maia, Year 5 (Room 13)


In the picture, it looks like a man saving his friend from gunfire from the enemy shooting at them. It looks as if his friend got shots fired at him. That is when his mate came in to save him and then his mate chucked him on his back to run to safety or onto their ship.

I have a friend called Fia and he is always sitting with me and we always laugh together even when we are all playing soccer and I fall down he always comes and helps me up to keep playing. When I am angry, he is always the first one to come and cheer me up. Sometimes when he doesn’t have food I give him some of mine, then the next day he will give me some of his food. Even when I don’t need anything, he still gives.

By Tangi, Year 6 (Room 16)

Dear Tylee,

I just wanted to tell you what happened when I was at home during the lockdown. I was doing my homework, watching TikToks and eating. What have you been doing at home during the lockdown?

I've been baking awesome cookies with my mum and my sister. My Mum and I always go to Pak 'n' Save. In the beginning of the lockdown, the weather has been sunny so we played outside and we were cleaning.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Hope you have a great day today!!!

By Eseta, Year 3 (Room 6)

The Magic Diamond in the Arctic Village

Once upon a time, there was a house near the Arctic village. There was a person inside and his name was John. In the centre of the village, buried deep beneath was the magic diamond. It was the power of the magic trident. It also protected the village. It made the village warmer and the outside colder. John was the guardian. He was living next to the village because he was learning to summon the magic trident. John's job was to defend the village with the magic trident, but he has not learnt it yet, and his evil brother knew it.

Guardian John's evil brother is Bob. Bob was a very clever scientist. Bob has created an army of evil robots. Before Guardian John summoned the trident, Bob had already sent his evil robots to steal the magic diamond. Guardian John was having trouble with the evil robots. There were just too many robots. When the evil robots had almost defeated John, he finally learned to summon the magic trident. He defeated the robots and then he stopped his evil brother.
Now everyone and the diamond was safe, and they all lived happily ever after. 

By Byshop, Year 3 (Room 6)



Learning new things while staying Home,
Over the last three weeks.
Cooking and baking,
Keep your hands clean.
Don’t worry we're safe,
Ok, we got this.
Woke up, feeling better,
New Zealand will soon go back to normal.

By Javania, Year 3 (Room 9) 


Locked at home
Outside is banned
Can’t go to other people’s homes
Know I’ll be bored
Don’t know what to do?
Open the gates
We can go out!
Now I can swim

By Te Whakaputanga, Year 3 (Room 9) 


Learning at home
On Monday to Friday
Cats and chicks are sleeping
Kids are staying home
Down comes the rain this week
Only our bubble can come here
We are all in lockdown to save lives
No visitors are allowed to come here.

By Kauri, Year 3 (Room 9) 

Life During the Lockdown 

The first week of the lockdown has been hectic and stressful. Everyone is freaking out about it!
When you go to any supermarket, there is always a long line because people want to be prepared. I understand that but the News already told us that supermarkets will always have supplies in stock.

I feel sad that we have to stay in for our safety and we have to do homework at home. It is boring because there is hardly anything to do at home.
I hate COVID-19, but one good thing is that it is good for the earth's environment. How? Well, because we are staying home we aren't doing anything, so we aren't building up more rubbish that we used to do daily.
I feel sorry for those people who have their birthday this month can't go outside to celebrate their birthday. Also, those people travelling to another country, they can't do that now.

People without masks might catch the virus. There have been new cases reported every day, and this has seen the COVID-19 alert level raised to Level 4. So, you can't play with other people from a different property. When you are in the supermarket, you have to stay two metres away from other people.

Like I said before, it is really boring these days, and I hope they find a cure for Coronavirus so we can go back to normal. I'm sad because my sister has gone for a month at my Dad's house. She didn't know about the lockdown at first, and now she has to stay there. I want to see my friends again too. My aunty in Australia was supposed to come here during the Easter holidays. She can't now because she's in a different country.

My life hasn't been exciting lately because of the lockdown, so there you go, that's my life right now.

By Mariam, Year 6 (Room 17)

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