E-learning supports bringing in ideas, linking ideas and presenting ideas. Digital content is used from a variety of sources for many purposes and used to support teaching, learning, research and administration including support for life long learners.


To improve learner achievement across the curriculum in an innovative educational environment fully connected and supported by e-learning.

Mayfield Primary e-Learning Plan

Mayfield Primary School uses a range of ICT to bring in ideas, link ideas and put ideas into another context. ICT makes connections to:

  • share learning beyond the classroom;
  • overcome barriers of distance and time;
  • support learning by offering specific ICT resources for diverse learning needs; and
  • create opportunities to learn by offering virtual experiences and tools.

Integrated Learning

E-learning at Mayfield Primary School is integrated in all learning areas of the curriculum.

Planning/ monitoring/ assessment

  • Mimio
  • I-Pads /laptops/ desktops
  • Digital (still & video) cameras
  • A range of educational software
  • Electronic programs for assessment
  • Blogs
  • Wikis
  • Google Docs
  • Communications – Skype, G-mail, and conferencing.