Sports Learning


  • To encourage and foster participation in a wide variety of sports
  • To create a safe, fair, respectful and enjoyable sporting environment for our children.
  • To increase the level of participation in sport as a way to increase fitness, build self-esteem, learn teamwork, social skills and develop lifelong habits of being actively involved in sport sand physical activity.

What we value in sports


To give it your best right to the end. Participate with confidence.


Teamwork is absolutely vital whether you are winning or losing. Support each other. * Support your leader. The leader must also support each member of the team.


Every player must be responsible for their attitude, effort and behaviour. * The team takes responsibility in winning and in losing.


Showing respect for referees/umpires, coaches, team mates, supporters and opponents as well as themselves and their environment.


Do your best to achieve the best. Be proud of yourself.